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Welcome to Jay Brett This site's purpose is to quickly and easily show what types of experience I have in coding in html, css, and display some of my other creative and business skills. Basically you could say that it is an online portfolio of my work on my own website.

Don't be surprised, this site was coded completly by hand by yours truley. No Adobe Dreamweaver, no pre-made templates. I wrote everything from scratch. I didn't take all of the pictures on the home page, but I found them myself on!

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So why a picture of trees when I am talking about experience? I used to work in a wilderness therapy program. This picture reminded me of this job. I have most of my educational experience in business marketing. I love visual media as well, which is why I have made this website.

To be directed to a page about more of my experiences, click on the picture of my resume on your left.

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So you want to get in contact with me. Send me an email, or connect with me on one of the many social media sites that I have linked on my contact page. You can get to this page by clicking on the picture on the left.