Brett's Designs

My Word document layout

Layout design is some of my favorite types of design. They are used in so many different places. Even in photography you will often use elements of layout design to make your pictures look even better, and it puts them to work for you.

They do take an eye for design. This can be learned, and once you learn it, you realize how many poor designs there are in the world.

I will admit that this is my least strong design skill. I am better with a camera, and Photoshop than I am with InDesign. I would love to get better, but you can still see a collection of the designs that I have created by clicking on the picture on your left.

Simplicity Logo

I have made a CSS design for a company that I used to work for so that they can impliment a more beautiful design. They had been using a number of different fonts, and the colors did not agree with each other. The new design will make the website look more professional, and appealing.

I do not own the rights to the graphic on the left. It is owned by Seikosoft LLC.