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I hope to be able to find a career in the music industry when I am older. My previous experience includes working as sales and marketing in an online based software company. This was a great experience as it introduced me early to online marketing which is such a fast growing and sought after skill set.

When speaking to a music industry professional, he told me that the best way for me to prepare to work in the music industry would be to get more experience with online marketing since this is something that all companies, and brands need. My intention for my last year of school is to get experience with internet marketing.

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Education Experience

Brett Jenkins Schooling

For the past several years I have been studying business management. I have focused my studies on the marketing discipline wherein lies most of my interest. Sure I love the finance and supply chain side of business, I really like the artistic aspect of marketing. There is not a right answer to the questions that marketers have to solve. There are more right answers, and more wrong answers, but not a single answer that will solve all of the problems of a company.

Recently I have really been learning the power of perception. Companies are built entirely on perception, and nothing else really. For example, if a company actually made you age slower, they would of course make millions of dollars; this would only work however if the perception of the customer aligned with this actuality. But even if a company didn't offer such a promise, but they were perceived to offer this, the company would still make millions. Take L'Oreal as an example of this.

Marketing is more than just making advertisements, and annoying sales calls. Marketing is creating that perception in peoples minds of the actual benefits of your companies goods, or services.

I am right there with you when it comes to hating the ads on the side of a website that advertise something that is completly irrelevant to your needs. That is why I am wanting to go into internet marketing, and to create ads that will actually help people find the things they are interested in.

Life Experience

Brett Jenkins holding a Philippines Black Cobra

I lead such a blessed life. In the summer of 2014 I was able to go to the Holy Land and study in the city of Jerusalem. This city is held by Muslims, Christians, and Jews as a place of significant relgious importance. Going to this place opened my eyes to the value of seeing different people in their culture, and helped me to understand them better.

In 2009, I was blessed to be able to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Philippines. This was the first time that I was very far from my family, and friends. A great life learning experience, I learned how to serve other people without expecting anything in return. I would go back to the Philippines in an instant if I could.