Photos I've Taken

VW Bus picture

Here is a shot that I took and edited. Here is a synopsis of what I did with this picture.

Some of the edits that I applied to this picture include adding brightness. By doing so, I lost some of the detail in the rust on the front of the bus. I attempted to avoid this by adding contrast back into the shot. This further defined where the colors ended and where the small details should have been, but I feel as though I did not add enough contrast back in to compensate for the brightness that I added. I do like the kind of urban grunge look that it gives it.

A less obvious edit that I made was to remove a Grenade logo that had been painted onto the front of the bus. I removed it to make it less distracting. I think this gives it a more authentic look. I do love the patina in the front bumper and the reflection of the trees in windshield.

VW has been and always will be a company that I hold dear to my heart. Especially these classic cars.

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Golden Gate Bridge

I love taking photos. It really helps to point out all of the beautiful things in this life. It is a way to capture the happy moments that you don't want to forget, and helps you feel grateful for the beauty within us as well.

So I know that the Golden Gate is well photographed, but I really like this perspective. Often the view is from the side, yet I feel this view makes the bridge seem more large and powerful.

Kaylie's Vans as she tiptoes on the bridge

I feel like there are things that others don't see as beautiful that really do have great beauty to them.

This was shot on a bridge, and my friend started climbing it. I was planning a lot of other pictures at this location, but this one was just out of the blue, yet I really love it.

Picture of Jerusalem at night, unfocused

You might have read on other parts of my site that I studied in Jerusalem. Yes, it was amazing.

This show was taken from the campus of university where I was studying. It is a view of the old city, and East Jerusalem. East Jerusalem is the Muslim half of the city, and also where out university was located.

The unfocused blur of the lights gives a very fun look to this shot, this is probably why I like it so much.

Lovely blue curb

Urban shots are so cool. There is great impact to changing perspective, and adjusting the focus.

Let me know if you want to see more of these shots. You can find my info on the contact page.